In the studio

Recently, the band released a new album, available here. It had been a huge ambition to cut an album of original material, so when the opportunity arose, the members of Ten Millennia jumped at the chance.

The album was recorded in two locations: at the renowned Melrose Yard Studios in York, where many well-known bands, such as Halo Blind and The Enemy have rehearsed and recorded, and then finished off by world famous producer Andy Wright in London.

Rosie and Wayne collaborated on song writing duties, taking the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other and other members of the band. Rosie enjoys writing ballads whereas Wayne writes the band’s trademark up-tempo groovy soul/pop infused tracks.  Both styles fit on the new album and ensure that there’s something to suit every mood.

Rosie gets her song writing inspiration from every day life “It might be a feeling or a memory of a song that sparks an idea, or a phrase that makes me think. I could be doing anything and it can inspire an idea.”

With the album now released, Rosie went on to talk about the joy of being in the studio, “It’s so incredible, just getting your ideas down and hearing them come together. We always have a very definite tune, lyric and feel from the start, but we allow ourselves the freedom to innovate along the way.”

Wayne said “Hearing the finished song is the thrill for me. After hours of hard work, writing, recording, production and mastering, hearing the finished thing gives me a real sense of accomplishment. And I get to fall in love with the song all over again!”