Rosie’s Studio Blog

Going into the studio to record our songs has become a labour of love. We usually know pretty much what we want to achieve as Wayne (mostly) has written the song idea and recorded his voice to a simple backing track as a guide. We may have a few to choose from so then decide which song or songs we want to work on that day and off we go.

Often I’ll change things slightly as I start to record and see how the song works with my voice and usually I will write a second and third verse depending. I also write songs but mostly I collaborate with Wayne our keyboard player who is our main writer.

I like to get my vocals as right as I can from the start though we often go back and re record parts I feel I can improve on. Hearing it finished with the rest of the band recorded, produced and finally mastered is very satisfying and quite thrilling, but it’s the work beforehand where I start with the basic melody and track that is the part I particularly love, as each time it’s a new venture which may or may not blossom. Though quite early on we usually know which will be a winner for us!