Cornbury Festival 2018

Our debut album launch

Rosie’s retrospective: Musical highlights from 2016

Jack Savoretti is an artist I came across toward the end of the year and I’m so glad I did.  He has a similar soul/rock tone to Paolo Nuttini (maybe it’s an Italian thing!!) which I really like.  Then, of course, there’s Rosie Lowe who I’ve mentioned before and who I continue to listen to whenever I can.  I always enjoy listening to some 70s’ Cat Stevens’ hits; they’re my eternal favourites.  And, I’ve spent quite a large chunk of my 2016 down-time listening to Skunk Anansie, another fabulous rock/soul voice from the 90s.

Rich’s ‘Most Listened To’

I’m currently listening to The Bros Landreth. I like it because they have everything I love about music…great song writing, impeccable vocals and harmonies and tasteful guitar playing. They also draw from so many different genres that I love like Blues, Rock, Country and Jazz.

When I’m in the studio with the band I try to channel my inner funk player and think of the great session players that played on everything from Motown hits through to Michael Jackson, Chic and some modern funk players. Thinking about artists I admire really helps me to focus and play as best I can.

In terms of Christmas songs, I prefer to stay clear of Christmas music but if I had to choose one it would definitely be BB King’s Christmas album as he could make anything sound great.

For 2017, I’m looking forward to hearing Joey Landreth from the Bros Landreth’s solo album, ‘Whiskey’. Also, John Mayer has an album due next year and I’m a massive fan of him.

Russell’s Musical Passions

I find it difficult to stick to one particular genre of music and this is partly due to my passion for playing several different musical instruments: the saxophone, guitar, bass and piano.  I was raised on Motown, yet I love listening to jazz and modern alternative rock and pop.  Artists that inspire me:  Unknown Mortal Orchestra, the Beatles, the Beach Boys and early 20th century composers such as Bartok and Stravinsky.  There’s also technical polymetric metal band, Meshuggah, and funk and soul including Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and The Meters. I could go on…

Colin’s ‘Most Listened To’

I have a passion for all styles and genres of music and my favourite songs span a pretty eclectic mix.  If I had to choose three songs that consistently inspire me, they would be ‘Love Rears Its Ugly Head’ by Living Colour; ‘Jeremy’ by Pearl Jam and ‘Hejira’ by Joni Mitchell”, mainly because of the amazing bass work of Jaco Pastorius.

Wayne’s Retrospective – inspiration from 2016

One of my greatest passions is discovering new musicians and artists and 2016 was a great year for me in terms of uncovering some great sounds, several for the first time.

Of those I listened to, these really stood out:

I came across a song called ‘The Greatest’ by a group called King. I really like the sound; it reminds me a little of Janet Jackson. I also rediscovered Minnie Ripperton whose voice I have always loved, particularly some of her earlier songs such as Les Fleurs and Black Gold of the Sun.

New Year, New songs to discover….I’ll keep you posted on some of my favourites.

For a candid insight into Wayne’s musical influences and and a taste of what his biggest musical indulgence might be, click on to this link:

Jules’ drumming mentors and maestros

“As the least experienced musician in the band, my teacher is particularly important to my progress and I have been lucky to have had a few lessons from my friend, the great Benny Greb in Hamburg. Benny’s teaching technique is very relevant to me and his patience has helped me enormously.  However badly I play now (!), I would be a lot worse without his guidance.  In terms of the drummers I admire apart from Benny, there are some great technicians alive today who are very impressive. But the maestro, Buddy Rich would be hard to beat IMO.   Having been lucky enough to see him play live twice before his untimely death, these were experiences I won’t forget.”

Wayne’s ‘Most Listened To…

One of the bands I am really enjoying at the moment is Tame Impala. Their latest album ‘Currents’ has some very interesting ideas. The first song on the album, ‘Let it happen’ has a really great driving feel to it. I love the use of synths on this album too. Some very cool retro 80s sounds! I think the vocals also have a great psychedelic feel to them. Overall, loving this album at the moment. I must get to see them live. Great band……

For a candid insight into Wayne’s musical influences and and a taste of what his biggest musical indulgence might be, click on to this link:

Supporting Jools Holland – 12th & 13th November

So a double blog entry after a most exhilarating weekend supporting Jools Holland at the massive Harrogate International Centre on Friday and York’s biggest venue, the Barbican, on Saturday.

 We were very pleased with our performance on Friday, our only regret was that it was difficult to see the audience… just a black void for us on stage (!) but we’re happy it went well.

 It was a bit of a squeeze on the relatively small stage but Jools’ team were fantastic and Miss R very pleased with her sound thanks to Andy and Clem.

York was a bit weird in that we’d been to the venue many times before as punters, and several to see Jools himself – now we were on stage ourselves!

The audience were fantastic from the moment we walked on, our hometown really showed their support brilliantly and we even saw our first banner in the audience, which made us very proud!!!

We joined Jools and his band for a curry afterwards, which was very kind of him and not a little surreal!

All in all great fun – let’s hope we get invited back!