Rich’s ‘Most Listened To in 2016’

I’m currently listening to The Bros Landreth. I like it because they have everything I love about music…great song writing, impeccable vocals and harmonies and tasteful guitar playing. They also draw from so many different genres that I love like Blues, Rock, Country and Jazz.
When I’m in the studio with the band I try to channel my inner funk player and think of the great session players that played on everything from Motown hits through to Michael Jackson, Chic and some modern funk players. Thinking about artists I admire really helps me to focus and play as best I can.
In terms of Christmas songs, I prefer to stay clear of Christmas music but if I had to choose one it would definitely be BB King’s Christmas album as he could make anything sound great.
For 2017, I’m looking forward to hearing Joey Landreth from the Bros Landreth’s solo album, ‘Whiskey’. Also, John Mayer has an album due next year and I’m a massive fan of him.