Rosie’s ‘Most Listened to’

We’ve been really busy in the studio lately, rehearsing new material for our forthcoming album and making some important finishing touches to songs that we feel are almost ready to go.  These are creative, hectic and fun times and I always find it helps to listen to some great music for added inspiration and, well…just pleasure really!
I’ve been listening to quite an eclectic selection this time.  I’m really enjoying some old classics such as Parliament Songs: ‘I’ve been watching you (move your sexy body)’ and Johnny Guitar Watson ‘The Real Deal’.   More current artists on my ‘essential to listen to’ list are the truly magnificent Damian Rice Album, ‘O’ and the enigmatic Rosie Lowe.  Rosie somehow combines a unique style of RnB and clever electronic intonation with her lovely, soulful voice.   I honestly don’t think I will ever grow tired of listening to her.